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Newtown, CT and Nashville, TN


I’ve not had a lot of “online” time recently, but I HAVE had quite a bit of time to think!  During one of those “thinking sessions”, my mind was drawn back to one of my very first blog posts from August of 2011.  We all like to be right, don’t we?  This is one of the times that it is NOT a pleasure to be right.  The events in Newtown, CT in December made the scenario that was brought to my mind several years ago all too real.  It broke the hearts of our nation, just as I thought it would.  But do we really “get” what happened and the correlation that it has in cities all across the USA?  Scenarios like the one I referred to in that post in August of 2011:

“One of the purposes of a personal blog is to allow people to get to know the blog owner/writer better.  If you’re going to follow my blog, you will quickly find out that one of my passions is for babies and their mothers and other family members involved in what are often called “crisis pregnancies“.  Most often these are “unexpected” babies.  There is MUCH I could say about those terms, but that is not the purpose of my post today.  Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you one of the many reason that I have the passion and take the stand that I do.

I realize that not all of my family and friends and readers of this blog agree with my stand, but I DO ask that you take the time to read my thoughts.  This was originally a note that I posted on Facebook a couple of years ago after a significant piece of legislation passed that my friends at TN Right to Life had been fighting for over a period of several years.  I think the rest is self-explanatory:

Today should have been a day of great rejoicing for me.  I, along with my dedicated Pro-Life friends in the state of Tennessee, had much to celebrate today as we saw significant legislation passed that we have worked diligently for over the past several years.  But instead of truly being able to celebrate this victory, my heart is heavy.

It is heavy because of a text that I received from a friend this afternoon.    That text broke what, under different circumstances, would have been a HUGE news story that would have been heard all over the United States.  But that news story will never be heard.  It won’t be heard because it told a story that could be repeated DAILY in cities across this country.  My friend was standing outside of an abortion “clinic” praying for 28 women who went into the clinic this morning, all of them apparently with the intent of aborting their babies today.

What if the story was changed just slightly?  What if a couple of years had passed, all of those women had carried their babies to term and those sweet children were all playing together in a daycare facility that was attacked?  THAT news headline would be splashed across the headlines of news reports all across our country tomorrow morning.  What if, while in that facility this morning, it had been attacked and one or more of those inside had been injured or harmed?  THAT headline would also be heard all across this country.

But instead, because abortion is still legal in this country, most, if not all of those 28 babies were brutally murdered today and not one news outlet will ever hear about it.  There is an entire classroom full of future kindergartners that will never go to their first day of school.  There are 28 women who will deal with the after-effects of their choice today in spite of the lies that they have been told that there are none.

I have not had personal experience with abortion.  But I DID watch a friend wrestle with what some call that “option” during our Senior year of High School.  I HAVE experienced the sorrow of many women who, years later, are still trying to forget “that day”.   I have stood at many informational booths for Pro-Life organizations with fetal models and photographs.  Not the graphic ones that so often are portrayed when you think of “Pro-Life People”, but simple informational brochures and life-like models that portray the various stages of development during pregnancy.  Even the smallest of children, when they see the “models”, want to see and hold the “babies”.

I recently had the heart-wrenching experience of watching and then standing alongside of a woman at one of these booths while she came to grips with the decision she had made years before.  She wept bitterly as she came to the realization of what she had done while she cried, “I’m so sorry.  I didn’t know!”  You can’t tell ME that abortion is a decision that does not have after-effects.  I’ve seen them.  They’re ugly.  Many of them are permanent, such as infertility caused by abortion, breast cancer, guilt and other emotional and physical problems.

This is why I grieve.  And this is why my commitment to doing everything that I personally can to stop the tragedy of abortion is strong.”

A lot has changed in my life, my priorities and in my relationships over the last year, but one thing that has NOT changed is my passion for the unborn and the families that are impacted in crisis pregnancy situations.  You see, just as we saw in Newtown last month, EVERY LIFE, no matter how young, has meaning and purpose and impact.

Will you join me or will you do nothing while days like the one described above are repeated?  Are you interested in learning what you can actively do to get involved in your community?  Please comment below or send me a message via the contact page or on Facebook and I will GLADLY help you join the fight!  

I’ll have more thoughts on the CT tragedy as soon as I have time to sit down and express them, but for now, I hope you’ll truly take some time to determine how you can be used to make an impact in the cause of life!  January is Sanctity of Human Life month and this year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Decision.  My prayer is that we don’t commemorate 41 years of that law being in effect, but that will take a miracle and a lot of passionate people working hard.  JOIN ME?