A 30+ Year Old Dream Fulfilled! :)


Today was an incredible day for me!

I got to see a 30+ year old dream fulfilled and I am so very, very grateful!

First, of all, I got to spend the bulk of the day with this incredible group of people:

TSC Staff Christmas Extravaganza

TSC Staff Christmas Extravaganza

As a part of our events together as a staff, we had the privilege of going shopping for a family that has some very real needs this year.  Multiple children, dad without a job, SCARY stuff!  I can relate, in many ways, to need.  From the time I was small, the Lord has seen fit to give me multiple opportunities to relate.  He has ALWAYS provided, ALWAYS!  But there have been many times over the years that He used others to do that.

If you have read all of my blog posts from the beginning or know me well you have heard this story.  To read the entire post, CLICK HERE

Here is the shortened version:

When I was seven years old, my Dad left a successful career in the Air Force to become a Missionary to secular college students here in the U.S.  He left a decent salary as a Captain in the Air Force for a known $100 a month and the hopes that other churches would join in their endeavors to increase that amount.  In the late winter after they joined the mission agency, when my mom was putting me to bed one night in the late winter/early spring, I announced to her that I wanted a pink flannel nightgown!

There were MULTIPLE problems with that request:  It was the end of the “flannel nightgown season”.  Mom knew I wouldn’t be wearing one much longer that year.  There was NO money to buy a nightgown or the material to make one.  AND I was right in the middle of a major growth spurt – by the time I was eight I was as tall as I am now…  Mom, without hinting to me about her skepticism, suggested that we pray about it as she put me to bed, said a short prayer, tucked me in and went about her business.

Fast-forward to the next day:  I went to school.  While I was there mom checked the mail.   That day in the mail there was a box from the sewing circle at Mom and Dad’s home church in Iowa.  I have absolutely no idea what else was in that box.  It was filled with several items, but at the very bottom of that box was my PINK FLANNEL NIGHTGOWN and it was big enough that I wore it for several years afterward!  (And just in case you missed this detail, that means it was made AND mailed before it was even an idea in my little mind!)

That was the first of my many reminders in life that God knows and has it covered!

Now, about today!

We were divided into teams as a staff and each team was assigned a child to shop for.  We had a time limit and were to be rewarded for getting back first.  (For the record, here was the reward, which BY THE WAY, my team WON HANDILY!!!  😉

Sweet ride for the first and second place teams.  That's me fourth from the left!

Sweet ride for the first and second place teams. That’s me fourth from the left!

As we divided up as teams, our team assigned certain items to each team member to get them picked out and meet up with the other members to check out.  My assignment?

Flannel PJs for a six year old little girl!

My JOY???  I got to buy TWO pair.  She loves horses, and I was THRILLED to find one pair with a horse on it.  The other pair?  Guess what I found?  PINK PLAID!

I am still overwhelmed.  For many years, I have wanted to be able to “pay forward” the gift I was given.  There are many factors that have kept me from being able to do it up until today, but TODAY that changed and I am forever grateful!  My heart is full.  My prayer is that those soft, comfy little pieces of flannel will teach a little girl the same lesson that MY nightgown taught ME all of those years ago.

On nights like tonight, when I am waiting for the verdict from the repairman tomorrow on a MAJOR necessity in my home, my mind always goes back to that package as a reminder that before I even know I have a need, God has already taken care of it.

There is probably no greater lesson that we can learn in life and I count myself so very privileged to have learned it early.

I pray the same for her and her family.  God is good.  ALL of the time.

And I am grateful!!!



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