A Lesson from a Scab


I try to be consistent about blogging…I really do!  But life happens and BOY has life been happening lately! To say that I’ve been busy would be the understatement of the year!

BUT…I learned a lesson today that I want to make sure I have to refer back to, so blogging about it gives me an opportunity to have something to refer back to.

I’ve had a situation in my life over about the past year that sometimes feels like there’s a scab on my life that keeps getting pulled off.  Like as in STILL on about a weekly basis.  Just when I think maybe I can be done with it and it has completely healed over and I won’t have to “mess” with it anymore, something comes up that feels like the scab is just being ripped off one more time, and the hurt is revealed fresh and new, as if it just happened.

It happened again late this week more than once (isn’t THAT fun?) and I was praying about it this morning in a time of quiet while I was getting ready for the day and I was really kind of whining.  I asked God WHY this couldn’t just die and why I had to continue to deal with not only my hurt, but watching others around me hurt their way through the healing of this situation.

It was still just lurking at the back of my mind when I went to church this morning and when we were encouraged into a special time of prayers of thanksgiving and praise by my wise pastor, PT.  As I prepared myself to pray, it was as if the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “There is PURPOSE in the scab.  I know what I’m doing.  TRUST ME.”

It was then that I came to realization that one of three things is going on, and to be honest, it may very well be ALL OF THEM:  Either there are still things for me to learn from the circumstances of this particular situation OR My Father, who knows ALL THINGS, knows that I need the reminders in order to be sensitive to what He has already taught me OR He wants me to remain sensitive to the hurt for others who are still walking through it also.

I also came to this realization:  When we have injuries or wounds that scab over, sometimes they heal over and there is never another indication of them, but at other times there is a scar that is left.  That scar is a constant reminder of the circumstances surrounding the injury.  The wound stops hurting, but the INDICATION of it is still there.

I truly think that this is one of THOSE situations.  Throughout life, for everyone involved, there will be reminders.  How we choose to look at those reminders is up to us.

I have a choice to make, not just today, but on a daily basis.  I choose joy!  I choose healing!  I choose forgiveness!  I choose to let myself be “used”.

I choose to realize the “Beauty in the Scars”, as stated in the lyric to this song (click on the title), written by my sweet “Gentle Giant” of a nephew, Caleb.

What about you?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Would you comment below to tell me how God has taught YOU these things?



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  1. Well you know my story oh to well and you also know that my “scab’s” yes I said “scab’s” as in more than one because today I do have more than one and it gets pulled off on a regular basis….Sometimes I find myself asking God if the one major scab I have wasn’t enough? Why God must I have to go through a year A Year of confusion, pain and hurt that has scared me so very very deep? Was the death of my son not enough? But God has not answered me, ha He just keeps telling me that sometimes being a truthful person hurts and all that we have been through is not in vain……..That’s enough for me right now I guess. So when that “scab” does get pulled off I let myself feel it and carry on. No shame in tears, God gave me them just for that reason be that good or bad. Lately with all that I carry today it gets a little heavy so its not unusual for me to shed a tear or two everyday as long as God helps me with the weight I know I am going to get through all of it!
    God has given me you for my pain, I don’t mean He gave me you so I could put my pain ON you, you have been a gift from God that I was looking for most of my life, it wasn’t until I became willing to stand up, risk, be truthful and put my Father first did I deserve a friend such as you. So I will take the “scabs” today and be grateful…..we bleed together, we heal together.

    • I loved what you said Judy! I often wonder “why” myself but both Carol’s post and your sweet comment put things in perspective for me. Thank both of you for being so honest in sharing this. I think we all have “scabs” that either are ripped off daily, weekly, monthly or what seems to be at random times but Jesus is teaching me to trust Him moment by moment and when I feel my mind starting to wonder and hear the enemies lies in my head I stop what I’m thinking and say “Jesus, I trust YOU! I praise YOU! I thank you for what I’m going through because it is teaching me to totally rely on you and ONLY you.” This gives me peace and yes, at times I have to say it over and over but I don’t think He minds hearing it over and over. 🙂 Praying for you both!

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