Monthly Archives: October 2012

I Don’t Understand…


There is so much about life that I just don’t understand…

Why don’t people keep their word?  Do they LIKE not being considered trustworthy?

Why do some expect 100% of others, but don’t give 100% themselves?

Wouldn’t it be easier to live a life of integrity than to have to worry about being “found out”?

Why doesn’t everyone like Christmas music all year ’round?

How is it possible to be “pro-life” and treat those who are already here as if they don’t matter?

How can anyone truly be “jobless”?  Find SOMETHING to do!  Or SEVERAL somethings!!!

Why do you trust God with your eternity, but not your relationships or your daily life?

Why do people pay full price for anything?

Is it worth losing your reputation for integrity to keep from having to do something “hard”?

Why did I not hear about “Duck Dynasty” until the END of the first season???

How can someone sit under the teaching of Tom McCoy for years and not know that their political ideas don’t line up?

Why did God choose to bless ME by being the aunt of three of the most talented kids I know?

What has happened to “common sense” and “common courtesy”?

Why is it illegal in the state of TN to kill a snake?????

Isn’t it easier to do right than to worry about people finding out that you’re not?

Why did Jesus love me enough to die for me?

I don’t understand…but I’m glad I have a Father who does!