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The “Reality Show” That Is My Life!


One of the things that I remember the most about my Grandma Noble, my mom’s mom, is her laugh.  I’ve been told by aunts, uncles and cousins who were all older than me that I never really knew the “Real” Grandma Noble.  We didn’t know it until after she passed away, but she was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s as a result of the autopsy done after she died (very early in the time that they started diagnosing it!)  All that to say, the fact that I remember her laugh the most is significant.  By outward appearances, she didn’t seem to have a lot to laugh about.  She died right before I turned 15 and was sickly and ailing most of the years that I can remember before that.

I guess watching her and the memory of hearing her laugh has really had an impact on me.  It is one of the things that has impressed upon me the need to look for the good in life.  Often we have to make the choice to let a situation get us down or to find what there is to laugh about.

Today was one of those days!  And boy did I have plenty to laugh about when I saw the mental images of my morning!

I overslept and hurried into the office just in time to not be “late”.  I have a window of time that I’m supposed to be in my place at the church office on Monday and Tuesday and I breathed a sigh of relief as I pulled into the parking spot with just a moment to spare.  I jumped out of the car to scoot into the office and shut the door…or I should say I TRIED to shut the door.  I’ve been driving my Blazer this week because the car of my parent’s that they have loaned to me is having “issues”.  I was in an accident several years ago and the front driver’s side door was t-boned and bent so badly that the body shop had to replace it.  It has never really worked 100% correctly since then, but in the last few months it has gotten really bad.

As in, one night while the kids were driving it, they got out at the ball field and it fell off.  FELL OFF!

(Side note:  If you pray for me, would you please ask God to provide a new-to-me vehicle that is reliable and will get decent gas mileage so that I can return my parent’s car and have my transportation needs covered at a cost that is affordable to me?)

It also apparently has had an issue that I was unaware of where it just won’t latch shut, which was what happened today.  I tried to figure out what the problem was several times, ALL THE TIME thanking the Good Lord that it happened TODAY and not yesterday when I already looked like a drowned rat anyway because of the torrential rain.  (No umbrella – it was in the car I USUALLY drive…  😉

Then I gave up and went in search of a mechanical-type person (translated:  just about anyone.  I have little or no natural ability in that area!)  My Knight-in-shining-armor at 8:30 AM was Pastor Eric.  He came out, looked at it for just a moment and had it shut, then he took a second to show me what to do if it happened again.  EASY!   I could do that.

EXCEPT that I didn’t have all of the info.  It worked THAT time, but when I left the office to go print off docs for a loan closing and head out for the closing, it decided not to work again.  Only problem THIS time was that the “easy fix” didn’t work.  And all of the “mechanical type people” (translation:  men, in this instance) were in a staff meeting.

I was on a time crunch, and I knew that there was help at home, so I hopped in the car and decided that I thought I could hold it shut long enough to get home. Let’s just say that my friends in the Thompson Station/Spring Hill area missed a good opportunity for a laugh at my expense today!  My Knight-in-shining-armor at 11:45 AM was my brother Doug, assisted by Ashlynne (my niece) who, unbeknownst to me, had experience with this particular problem in this particular vehicle.

Several of my friends and family members have said for years that I need to journal all of the craziness that happens in my world – one of the reasons I started blogging – and more recently have joked that I REALLY need to have a reality TV show, because often video footage would undoubtedly be priceless in some of the situations where I find myself.

All that to say, the “adventure of the day” wasn’t over.  If there had been a camera following me today, they would have also seen me drive out to the beautiful Santa Fe (that’s pronounced “FEE” for those of you who aren’t in Middle TN) area to do a closing (about 40 minutes on super curvy roads each way), only to realize that I PROBABLY should have gotten gas before I left.  (I made it, but on fumes!)

And top that off with the fact that, out of fear of not being able to get the door shut again on my own out in the middle of “nowhere”, every time I got in or out of the car, I climbed over the center console and in and out of the passenger-side door – a sight to see I have no doubt!

So, if you happened to be one of the poor souls that saw me bottoms up, getting in or out of the car at the gas station or Kroger or the church, I APOLOGIZE!

Guess one of the next episodes of “If I Were A Weaker Woman I Would Just Give UP” (the title I would choose for a reality show) will probably be, “Carol goes to the auto mechanic for the FOURTH time in less than a week to see if she can get the door fixed…”

Would you watch????

Some days it’s a CHOICE to laugh, so you don’t cry!


“I Never Lost My Praise”


Music speaks to me in ways that nothing else does.  It always has.

There has been a lot going on in my world over the last several weeks, but then if you have been reading my blog, you’ve probably figured that out due to my 6 week absence…

More on that later.  A whole lot of good stuff has been going on.  God keeps pouring on blessings in ways that I really could have never imagined and I am being reminded over and over that with obedience, even during hard times, comes blessing.  God has been good to me, not just in times where I have been allowed to experience blessing, but also in some really tough times.  Life has both.  I am so very grateful to be aware of that.

This is a short post.  It’s midnight on the evening before my first Sunday officially “on staff” at my home church and I have responsibilities in the morning that dictate that I SHOULD be in bed already, but I don’t want one more evening to go by before I take an opportunity to show some gratitude.

My Jesus loves me.  He is ALWAYS with me.  He has promised that and has proven Himself faithful time and time again.

This is one of my favorite songs.  It’s an older one, but it expresses my feelings this evening perfectly.  I could not possibly express things better myself, so please take a moment to listen (and watch!).

I Never Lost My Praise (CLICK HERE!)