Super Coupon Clippers

My friend Peggy Muse and I are SO EXCITED to announce our new business!

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Super Coupon Clippers exists to help families learn to coupon and save! We want to work with you to help you save as much money as possible in as many ways as possible. We accomplish this primarily through “in-home parties” and private consultations. We also offer a variety of services to help those who WANT to save, but “just don’t have the time” or those who are just overwhelmed by what they have heard about the fine art of using coupons to save money.

We also work with families in the area of creating and organizing areas in their homes to house realistic, SMALL stockpile areas to provide for the needs of their family. We are NOT about filling your garage or basement and every spare corner of your house with “stuff” that you will never be able to use! Again, our goal is PRACTICAL help that families can truly use!

As another arm of our business, we have a line of organizational products that you can order and use for your home. You may see this line of products and place orders by going to

We look forward to working with you! Please feel free to use this page to interact, ask questions and help us to meet your needs by telling us what you want. THANK YOU for believing in us and for going on this journey with us!

As a “teaser” for you, and to provide you with more info, I’m going to copy and paste our “Menu” of Parties, Services and Products that we will be providing.  Please note that the BASE of our business will center around small, in-home parties to teach you and your friends and interested family how to coupon.  MANY of you may have been to seminars or “classes” before that try to throw EVERY possible coupon scenario at you in 3 hours.  We realize how overwhelming that is and have designed our program to be split into three separate possible parties, as well as individual consultation opportunities to teach you in what we like to call “bite sized portions” in hopes of guiding you so that you leave each session READY to jump in and do this yourself.

If you are “just too busy” to keep track of coupons, we have built in services for you as well, so that you can benefit from the use of coupons and save for your family with HELP from us!

Please take just a few minutes to read through this information and tell us what you think!  If you would like more information or are ready to schedule a party, you may either comment below, contact us on our Super Coupon Clippers Facebook Page (using the badge above), our personal pages or email or call us.  Whatever works best for you!

And if you’re NOT in the Middle TN area, we would still like to help you as much as possible.  AND you can still order from our Clever Container website at the link above.

In the next couple of days, I’ll post more info on the hostess program for our parties, but for now, just know that there IS one and we’re trying to make it appealing!

We will begin scheduling parties as early as next week, so if you’re interested, let us know ASAP.  You’ll want to have this information “in your arsenal” as you start shopping for the holidays, Christmas and all of the gifts and parties that come with them.  We GUARANTEE that you’ll save significantly during these times in particular because of what you’ll learn!

Here’s the info I promised on the Parties, Services and Products:

Super Coupon Clippers


1.  Coupon Parties – $20 each.  After taking 2, the third is $10
A.  Intro to Coupons and Grocery Stores*
B.  Drug Stores, Target and Walmart
C.  Holiday and Special Event Shopping, School Supplies, Office Supplies and misc.

*Intro Session MUST be taken before the other two sessions.  Sessions two and three may be taken in any order AFTER taking session one.

 2.    Pantry Consultations – $30
            2 hour max – We will “take a tour” of your pantry, freezer and fridge and help you determine your family’s “must haves” to develop a stockpile, help create your customized shopping list and help you determine which shopping style and coupon organizer will fit you best.  Recommendations will also be made regarding organization of your pantry and stockpile areas.

 3. System Setup – $30
          2 hour max – We will help you set up your box, binder or file system for organization of your coupons.  (Supplies must be purchased in advance from Super Coupon Clippers.)  We’ll also help set up your Google Reader to assist you in watching your favorite blogs as efficiently as possible and spend some time with personalized coaching on whatever areas you most need help.

4.  Combined Pantry Consultations and System Setup – $50
            This option may be set up as two 2-hour appointments or one 4-hour max, depending on what works best with your schedule

5.  Weekly Coupon Clipping and Organization – $10 per hour and cost of weekly papers ($1.75 each)
             Your coupons will be delivered to you either by mail (mailed on Monday afternoon) or you may pick them up at your convenience.  Coupons will be cut and separated according to a common set of basic categories, ready for you to file and use.

6.  Coupon Match Up – $5 per week.
(Minimum obligation of one month test period.)
You will provide your shopping list for the week.  We will provide you with a list of suggestions based upon your preferences (preferred store or stores and maximum number of trips you are willing to make), including coupon possibilities to bring the cost down.

(#5 and #6 combined brings you to a point where the ONLY additional time that you have to spend preparing for your shopping trips is actually FILING your coupons in your preferred system and pulling them to add with your list!)

7.  Shopping Tagalong Consultation – $25 per hour
           We will accompany you on any shopping trip and/or trips you desire to help you find the best way for YOU to tackle your trips!

Other services by request and consultation!  Please ask!!  We love a challenge!

Product list

Coupon Box – $10
This item comes complete with envelopes for you to personalize and a pair of scissors to tuck in so that you always have them handy

Coupon Binder – $40
This item comes complete with pocket pages, binder pockets and scissors to tuck in so that you always have them handy.

Box may be earned as your hostess gift for hosting a Super Coupon Clippers party with a minimum of five paying guests.  Binder may be earned with a minimum of 10 paying guests.   (Hostess does not pay to attend! – See hostess sheet for further info on becoming a Super Coupon Clippers Hostess.)


Super Coupon Clippers Contacts:

Carol Holtz – Phone:  615-406-0713 or

Peggy Muse – Phone:  615-562-7294 or


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